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High PSI Fog Pumps

Misting Nozzles
Produces ultra fine mist, clog resistant, made from acetal

Fog Nozzles
Wide operating range of 45-1000 PSI. Produces 5-30 micron droplets at high pressures

Polycarbonate Sheets
Use to construct greenhouses, patio roofing, hurricane protection, commercial roofing & more.

Mosquito Misting System Parts
High quality nickel plated brass. No hose clamps required

PVC Misting Nozzle Tees- Use with standard PVC pipe. Accepts 1/8" & 10/24 UNC misting & fog nozzles


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As a leading provider of quality misting systems, shade cloth, greenhouses, polycarbonate sheets and more, Ecologic Technologies, Inc. offers the most extensive selection of commercial grade greenhousing kits, fog systems, misting nozzles and other fine and unique hobby materials.

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Rainmaker Series Misting System
Originally offered to agricultural, horticultural and zoological associations over 20 years ago, the original Rainmaker Series Misting System kit remains a favorite. It is the preferred choice among leading horticulturists and herpetologists around the world due to its easy installation, extreme versatility and affordability.

Misting Systems Misting Nozzles, Misting Systems & Misting System Accessories
Click here to find misting pumps, misting nozzles and misting system kits. You can also find misting fans, high-pressure fog systems and other evaporative cooling systems.

Fog Nozzles, Fog Systems & Fog System Accessories
Find fog pumps, fog nozzles and fog system kits here. Use these systems for mosquito and greenhouse misting, dust suppression, evaporative cooling and concrete curing.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets, Multi-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets & Accessories
Corrugated polycarbonate and multi-wall polycarbonate sheets have many uses, including hurricane protection, greenhouse construction, pool enclosures and industrial roofing.

Aquafog Turbo

Fog Fans & Misting Fans
Misting fans, which produce a heavy mist or ultra-fine fog, are often used in concrete curing, the cooling of people and livestock, in greenhouses and in other many other situations that require fogging or misting.

Mosquito Misting System Parts
Find parts that are adaptable with Pyrethrin and other common mosquito control insecticides here. Featuring viton seals with nickel-plated, push-to-connect fittings, these pieces can also be used for other types of misting applications.