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Not all shade cloth is created equal. Many unscrupulous dealers offer discount shade cloth that are either not UV treated or are the woven variety. Our shade cloth is designed for outdoor use and is guaranteed for many years. Woven shade cloths will fall apart when ripped or torn, but a high quality lock stitched shade cloth will not. Our high quality lock stitched shade cloths features thousands of tiny knots, in fact everywhere a fiber crosses another fiber is a small knot that holds the shade cloth together even when ripped or torn.

In addition to the standard black shade cloth, we also offer many unique and hard to find colored shade clothes. Colored shade cloth is popular with architects, designers and home owners to create a more customized or aesthetically pleasing environment in addition to providing a cool space for both human and animal residents and visitors.

Black and colored shade cloth is available in many different shade ratings and stock sizes. Other sizes can be created by sewing stock sizes together and then trimming to the desired dimensions. Shade cloths can be ordered finished with taped edges and brass grommets, or unfinished with factory edges.

Shade cloth can be ordered in small quantities, or by the master roll. Master rolls are normally 2000-2500 feet long and have to ship by truck. Smaller shade clothes normally ship by standard UPS.

Benefits of our Colored Knitted Shade Cloth:

- UV stabilization offers durability and longer life
- Lock stitch process will not unravel when cut and is easily repaired
- Finished edges are not required due to the lock stitch process
- 25 to 35% lighter then woven shade cloth
- Increased ventilation causes less heat build up within the structure

We offer several options for ordering our Colored Knitted Shade Cloth:

- Order 24/7 directly on our website and choose from one of our stock fabricated sizes with finished edges and brass grommets pre installed every 24 inches.

- Order 24/7 directly on our website and choose a bulk stock width ( Desired length is entered into the "quantity" field

Example: If a 12 FT X 15 FT size is needed select the "12 FT WIDE X LENGTH (BULK)" option and then enter 15 into the "quantity" field

* Please note that "Bulk" shade cloth does not include finished edges and does not have brass grommets pre installed

- Contact us for a size or requirement not listed on our website!

QUICK SHIP SHADE CLOTH OPTIONS - These options ship in 24-48 hours.
Click here to check availability.

Click here to visit our colored shade cloth photo gallery!

Colored Knitted Shade Cloth Options

Colored Shade Cloth Stock Widths

colored shade cloth

Click here to visit our colored shade cloth photo gallery!

Color / %


8' 12' 20' 26' 32'
Forest Green 70% X n/a X n/a n/a n/a
Miller Blue 60% X n/a X n/a n/a n/a
Red 80% X n/a X n/a n/a n/a
Decorative Brown 70% X n/a X n/a n/a n/a
Violet 45% X n/a X n/a n/a n/a
Pearl White 22% X n/a X X X n/a
Pearl White 40% X X X X X X
Pearl White 50% X X X X X X

Colored Knitted Shade Cloth can be ordered in any length. Stock widths are shown above. Larger shade cloths can be produced by sewing several pieces together and then trimming if necessary.

Colored Knitted Shade Cloth - Bulk Pricing / Fabricated Stock Sizes

Item # Color Shade % Price sq.ft.  
KSCFG-70 Forest Green 70% $0.30

Qty: Size:

KSCMB-60 Miller Blue 60% $0.30

Qty: Size:

KSCR-80 Red 80% $0.30

Qty: Size:

KSCDB-70 Brown 70% $0.30

Qty: Size:

KSCV-45 Violet 45% $0.30

Qty: Size:

KSCPW-22 Pearl White 22% $0.18

Qty: Size:

KSCPW-40 Pearl White 40% $0.22

Qty: Size:

KSCPW-50 Pearl White 50% $0.25

Qty: Size:

*$100 minimum order on shade cloth orders. Orders less then $100 will have a $20 surcharge manually applied after the order has been submitted.
** Larger shade cloth orders may require additional shipping charges...In these case a representative will contact you prior to processing the order.

plastic shade cloth grommet

Ordering Bulk Shade Cloth? Don't forget the plastic grommets!