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Ecologic Technologies, Inc. is a premier supplier of high quality brass and stainless steel fog nozzles. We've been supplying everyone from Grimway Farms, Six Flags, DNR, USDA, the National Zoo, homeowners and everyone in between with high quality fog nozzles and related components for more than two decades and counting!

Our most popular standard line of fog nozzles are produced right here in the USA to very high tolerances. They are durable, reasonably priced and perform flawlessly every time. Fog nozzles are available in several materials such as brass and stainless steel. Fog nozzles can be ordered in the two most popular thread sizes, either 10/24UNC or 12/24UNC. Both thread sizes are available in a variety of orifice sizes ranging fron .004” to .028”

If you have at least 45 PSI available, then choose a fog nozzle with a .012” orifice or larger. If you need nozzles for a high pressure system (1000 PSI), then you can use any orifice size. But the .008” and .012” are the most popular for high pressure systems.

If you need a fog nozzle that can operate at very high pressures, as much as 3000 PSI, then consider our handmade stainless steel impingement nozzles with a ruby .007” orifice. These have a 1/8" 10/28 male thread.

We even offer a barbed fog nozzle for use with low pressure irrigation systems. 
These nozzles are normally used with "funny pipe" or LDPE tubing. To install, a hole is punched in the side of the tubing and the nozzle is pushed into the hole. The barbed collar holds the fog nozzle in place. These are normally used at 30PSI+/-.

If you are still confused and need assistance simply give us a call or send us an email and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the correct fog nozzle, pump, or related parts.

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