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Below you will find the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If you still need assistance please visit our contact us page!

Shade cloth is commonly used to shield plants, animals and people from the hot sun. Its also commonly used as a privacy barrier on fences, patios and places where people gather. Using a shade cloth can provide a welcome retreat from scorching temperatures and the difference between shaded and non shaded areas can be drastic and quite pronounced.

Shade cloth is available in two main types. Knitted shade cloth is cheaper and only good for a season or two. It is loosen woven and prone to rips and tears. The edges must be bound to keep it from unraveling. This type of shade cloth can be purchased from outlets that specialize in low cost imported items where quality isnt a as much of a concern as durability. We do not offer this type of shading material.

The other type of shade cloth is knitted or lock stitched. So everywhere that a fiber crosses another fiber is a small knot that holds the cloth together and prevents unraveling. High quality shade cloth such as our knitted or lock stitched shade cloth is intended to be used for years. This is the only type of shade cloth that we offer.

Shade cloth comes in a variety of colors and shade ratings. We offer shade cloth with shade ratings in the 30-90% range. The higher the percentage the more sun that is blocked. We offer this shade material in a variety of colors with black being the most popular because of the lower cost. But the shade rating is only one aspect of a shade cloths cooling potential. Aluminet is a silver cloth that has the highest degree of cooling potential. Although a 70% Aluminet shade cloth will block the same amount of light that a 70% black shade cloth will, the Aluminet has a much higher reflective quality and will normally provide a much higher cooling effect than a standard black cloth will.

Taped or finished edges on knitted or lock stitched shade cloth is optional and not required to insure the integrity of the shade cloth. Finished edges on lock stitched clothes are required if brass grommets are desired and to be used with the shades. Finished or "taped" edges provide a firm fastening point for the brass grommets to be installed.

Brass grommets and taped edges are the old school way of doing things but high quality plastic clip on grommets are now available that are just as secure as the brass variety. The plastic snap on grommets are about a nickel more than the brass variety but taped edges arent required when using snap on grommets so the total price of the shade cloth is normally lower if using snap on grommets. Some people like the look of finished edges on their shade clothes but it should be noted snap on style grommets will not work with finished or taped edges. So if you prefer the snap on style grommets then do not request taped edges because the two are not compatible. 

Higher percentage shade cloths in the 70-90% range are normally used for projects involving people, pets or livestock. 30-60% is popular for standard gardening projects with 50% being the most popular. A 70% Aluminet shade will normally provide as much or more cooling effect as a 90% black shade will.

Ecologic Technologies, Inc. offers only top quality products at very competitive prices. We have been a major supplier of shade cloth to end users ranging from private individuals to the largest commercial growers for over two decades and counting!