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Misting System Kit Options

misting system kits

Low Pressure Misting System Kits

Featuring the original Rainmaker Series Misting System Kits! The very first Misting System Kits offered to the agricultural and zoological communities almost two decades ago and still a favorite today. Reasonably priced, easily installed and extremely versatile, this system is without a question the leading choice of professional herpetologists and horticulturists all around the world!

This quick connect misting system kit attaches directly to your garden hose bib and requires no electricity. Installs quickly without any special tools or skills. Keep your friends, family and pets comfortable and cool this summer.

fog system kits

High Pressure Fog System Kits

Our High Pressure Fog System Kits include everything you need for standard installation. This kit utilizes our 1000 PSI fog pump, semi flexible nylon tubing, a filter assembly complete with a filter cartridge, canister and all of the associated fittings required to connect from a standard garden hose bib to the filter and from the filter to the pump.

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